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#Phantastic2013 Challenge

Yes, so we hear there’s a but of snow coming tonight. That still shouldn’t stop us from smashing out the squats though! They can be done anywhere. So far, Challengers have admitted to doing them in lifts, toilets, stairwells, on train platforms. Where are you going to be doin yours this weekend? 19 on saturday and 20 on sunday. They should keep you warm, whatever the weather!

We’re still 60+ strong and no official drop outs yet. keep it up!

Roll on February and the Side to Side Pressups….


John Helme, 33, Chartered Surveyor, Bespoke PT

Ran the London Marathon 2012 and wiped 35mins off his marathon PB

"The bespoke training programme developed by Mike was excellent as it entailed techniques that I was use to with my football training but also introduced methods that were enjoyable but challenging!  I find Mike exceptionally motivating & supportive which enabled my fitness & running to improve quickly & with clear, great results!  Undoubtedly my fitness levels are the best they have been in over 10 years as a result of my training with Mike & this has made a positive impact on many aspects of my day to day life.  Highly recommended"

Jacinta, 34, Primay School Teacher, Bespoke PT

We worked together to get Jacinta ready for her wedding

"My first session with Mike was 4 weeks before my wedding and 6 weeks after having my son by caesarean section. Having bought my wedding dress before falling pregnant and naively rescheduling our wedding for 10 weeks after having a baby I was in a mild panic! I had thought I would have been able to do exercise straight away after giving birth but that wasn’t an option after a caesarean. 

Mike was fantastic! He was completely honest about what I would be able to achieve and started me on a strict diet and home exercise programme alongside my twice weekly sessions with him.  I lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks but the inches that I lost were amazing! I lost 4 off my waist, 2.5 off my hips, 1.5 off my upper arms and 3 off my thighs. Alongside all this, my fitness levels had really increased and I loved the sessions. Mike changed activities so the sessions never became boring and constantly motivated me (not an easy task!)One week before my wedding I had my last dress fitting and there was room to spare!  Something I know I would not have been able to achieve without Mike.  I felt amazing!”

Yuko, 52, stockbroker – Bespoke PT

We worked together to help Yuko to improve her running

"I have never had much cause to exercise in my life, except for enjoying long walks in countryside. I also have some spinal problems. When doctors suggested I should think about exercise and possibly taking up running to combat my modestly high blood pressure, I had to sit and think hard if I could stomach the horrible feeling of being out of breath, sweating heavily, and having a red, flushed face. 

To cut a long story short, I think I was so fortunate to take up sessions with Mike. When I started with him, I could just about run 50m (not miles, metres!) to catch a bus, and I was panting. I still pant, but the other day, I managed to keep running for 3km, without stopping, for the first time in my life. Certainly, there have been lots of being out of breath, sweating heavily and having a red, flushed face, but Mike has made it all worth while by making me feel relaxed and having a good laugh (although I am not certain if all of his antics that make me laugh are intentional…). He has also been very considerate in constructing the session programmes in such a way that I would not suffer any pains in my spine. I am just amazed that he has enabled me to come such a long way, including building up muscles which never existed, without me experiencing undue pains and aches. 

Thank you very much, Mike, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy running and exercise. Now that I have found this sense of achievement, I will keep challenging new goals!”

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Exclusively for NON-PT MichaelPhanPT youtube channel subscribers – win a bespoke 12-week fitness programme

To continue with the drive to get fit in 2012, here are the rules to the #12DaysofPhan Competition that starts today:

 How to win:

  1. Subscribe to my MichaelPhanPT youtube channel (I will only accept answers from subscribers that I can see on the michaelphanpt youtube channel)
  2. take the number of #12DaysofPhan videos I posted (starting on the 25th Dec 11) on the MichaelPhanPT youtube channel  
  3. take the number of different ridiculous moustaches I wore during all those youtube videos
  4. take the number of pressups you would have to do on day 88 of the @pressupathon twitter challenge (assuming you were up to date for the previous 87 days)
  5. take the number of minutes it took me to complete my first marathon (check out for the answer)
  6. multiply together the 4 numbers you got in steps 2/3/4/5 above to get your answer (so if your numbers were 1/2/3/4 for the 4 steps respectively, your answer would be 24)
  7. the first email with the correct answer (with #12DaysofPhan competition as the subject line) I receive to from 00:00 GMT onwards on Friday 13th Jan 2012 wins a bespoke 12-week fitness programme
  8. I reserve all rights and my decision is final on the competition.
  9. the winner will be announced as soon as the first correct answer is received by email on Friday 13th Jan 2012 (lucky for someone!!)

For 2012, follow #pressupathon and @pressupathon on twitter to keep you motivated for the whole year.  N pressups for the Nth day of the year:  So for the 66th day of the year, your challenge is to do 66 pressups on that day.  You have the whole 24 hrs in the day to do them and any you miss roll over.  I’ll be posting vids to help mix it up, so you can try out different pressups to keep it interesting for the whole year.

enjoy and lets keep moving for the whole year!



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Honesty about your past mistakes



Planning your meals for the coming week






Dancing to your favourite song



The start of 12DaysofPhan - 12 days of hints and tips to kick start new habits for 2012.  It’s not about making unattainable New Year resolutions.  Its about making long term changes!!

Bum Clenching on Christmas Day