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You’ve all got THIS far already. Keep going!!  See who else is doing the challenge HERE
You yourself have kept this daily routine up and stuck with it. Think about all those times when the New Year resolutions would have already died a death after ‘dry’ January. Instead, you’re now doing these exercises without even thinking about it, as you’ve formed new habits - how COOL is that?! take a mental pat on the back!
We’ve still a long way to go but CONGRATULATE yourself this friday, in the knowledge that you’re still going under your own head of steam. Check out all the others that are still doing it too HERE
Have a cracking friday!

As at the end of today, we’ll have done 568 reps in total already!!  That’s 496 squats in January + 36 reps of squats + 36 reps of Side to Side pressups in February!!  Only 37,026 reps to go. 


WE CAN do this.  Just think, if you’re still going, you’ll have already formed a daily habit to do squats after about 2 weeks in January.  By the end of February, you’ll be so used to doing them, you’ll probably end up doing some as soon as you slunk out of bed in the morning.   The beauty of this challenge is that it’ll hopefully help keep you motivated to do a little exercise every day.  If you miss a day’s reps, then these are going to make the next day a little tougher, so why not get them done today!! 


Watch out for me spicing things up soon… *rubshinshandstogetherwithmischief*


It’s Chinese New Year this Sunday, but rest assured I’ll be getting my squats and side to side pressups done way before any celebrations begin! 


See you on the other side!!



Gong Xi Fa Cai


Well, we did it. If you’re still going strong, then you will have done 496 squats in total for Jan.

Now it starts to get interesting, as we add the Side to Side Pressups (see vids below/on my T/L or on

So remember, we are resetting the reps now back to 1 today (as in the date of the month) and we’re doing 2 exercises/disciplines as we’re in the 2nd month of the year!

Only 37,082 pressups to go until the end of the challenge. If all 62 of us complete this challenge, thats a staggering 2,299,084 reps we’re going to do collectively!

Keep it up! and fire through any questions you have using #Phantastic2013.


#Phantastic2013 Challenge - Side to Side Pressups

We’ll be hitting the triceps, pectorals and the deltoids from February.  So from the 1st of Feb, we’ll be doing Squats and Side to Side Pressups every day until March when we’ll be adding the third discipline.


#Phantastic2013 Challenge

Day25 with only 6 days 2 go before we introduce the next exercise - Side to Side Pressups

If you’re bums are aching from all this squatting, try this Glute Stretch to alleviate some of the tightness.

Remember, from 1st Feb, we’ll be dropping back to 1 rep. However, you’ll be doing 2 exercises instead. So on the 1st Feb, you’ll need to do 1 Squat AND 1 Side to Side Pressup. On the 19th Feb, you’ll be doing 19 reps of both exercises/disciplines and so on….

If you’ve any questions about the challenge, email/tweet me:

twitter: @michaelphanpt



#Phantastic2013 Challenge - Day 11

We are now a fabulous 60 strong group of challengers, both on and off (yes, really!!) Twitter.  There is still time to catch up if people want to join in.  It’s just a case of smashing out 66 squats if you are starting today to catch up.  For those of us that are up to date though, it’s a simple 11 for the day. 

Remember, on each day of the challenge, you have 24 hours to do the allocated number of reps/disciplines. If you miss them that day, they will roll over to the next day.  Thereby helping to motivate us all to do a little exercise every day, so that the next day of the challenge isn’t as bad as it could be!!  Imagine missing days come June onwards, when we’ll be doing 6 or more disciplines a day!!

Towards the end of January, I’ll be posting the next video to show you what in blazes a side to side pressup is for February’s discipline.

Fire me through any questions you have about the challenge on twitter @michaelphanpt or email

Happy Friday :0)


#Phantastic2013 Challenge

Here we go!! It’s been a great uptake and as of 4th Jan 13 we’ve around 45 people signed up to the challenge already.  There’s still time for others to join, so let’s get recruiting!  The more people that join up, the harder it’ll be to not succeed!!  Great daily motivation!! Check out the goals tab of our #TeamMotivation calendar to see who else you’ll be exercising alongside throughout the whole year!!

As each new month approaches, I’ll make sure to post a video of the next exercise/discipline we’ll be adding. For February, we’ll be adding Side to Side pressups and so on.  Download this handy spreadsheet I’ve put together, which should update every time you open on your mac/pc.  The main information you need to look at, I’ve highlighted yellow (Column F, Rows 21-24).  Rows 48 onwards shows you the daily breakdown of the exercises up til the end of the challenge!!  The only exercise/discipline you’ll need to remember for the month of January will be the Squat. Check out my video here.  Throughout the year, and to help keep you all motivated, I’ll be spicing things up along the way too, so watch out for these suggestions too!!

I’m on twitter/facebook/, should you have any questions about the challenge.  Really excited about this one and looking forward to spurring everyone on.  Right, now to do my 4 squats of the day…


#PhantasticXmas Day9

Try this runner’s workout for an all over body strengthening and conditioning circuit.  Let me know how you get on!!


#PhantasticXmas Day6

Have you/know someone who’s recently had a baby? Check out my  Post Natal Exercise FAQ 4 exercise tips


Lets spread some festive cheer! who has been your CHAMPION MOTIVATOR in 2012? Give them a BIG shout out using  2day


#PhantasticXmas Day4

DITCH sandwiches & eat REAL FOOD. Quinoa (‘Kee-noir’)= complete protein rich in nutrients


1) GO before you GO, just like mum always said. and don’t forget to take loo paper! 

2) make sure you have had all your brekkie (inc drinks) within 2hrs before the race

3) have 2 alarm clocks to wake you up in the morning to put your mind at rest! 

4) get to the race in plenty of time, get your bearings and mentally prepare

5) take warm clothes to wear for before/after and also something to sit on if wet

6) work out before where you’re gonna see nearest/dearest on run/afterwards

7) make sure your body is warmed up before lining up at the start

8) stick to your race plan and get into your stride in the first mile or so 

9) smile! not only for the cameras but it’ll lift your spirits/legs too!!

10) savour crossing that finish line and celebrate what you’ve achieved


@ThamesTurbo - Sprint Tri - 28th August 12

back in my younger days, 5am was reserved for piling out of some club (probably Fabric in London or even Planet K up in Manchester all those years ago) a little worse for wear after a cracking night out on the tiles and heading on to maybe some filthy 'food' establishment on the way home: you name it, i ate it, such was my underdeveloped palette and gung-ho approach to trying everything back then.  Having a kebab or pizza at that time of day seemed such a great idea after dancing our socks off til sweat literaly dripped off the walls!  How times have changed. 

Fast forward maybe a decade (and then some) and 5am now entails me getting my kicks by some other sweaty means! EXERCISE!  Thats not to say i'm no longer partial to hitting the clubs still every now and again (Ibiza will probably be one of my stag venues!). On this particular august BH monday however, I'd not slept very well at all and found myself waking up bleary eyed in a cool sweat, achy legs and with just 15 mins to get our stuff together for the taxi booked to take us to Hampton Pool for some sprint triathlon I was meant to be having a go at! 

Saturday - some 48 hrs previously I'd cranked out a 20 miler as one of my penultimate long runs in preparation for the @nessmarathon on the 30th sept.  but with a mixture of excitement/nerves/aching body parts I found my sleep on the saturday and sunday night crap at best. even with regular icing/draining/stretching/rollering the funk out of my legs in those 2 days it was going to be tight getting ready for the tri! looking back, it was probably not the best prep for it, but it was always going to be a juggling nightmare as I've had 2 big events back to back that i've been 'dual-training' for: as well as the @nessmarathon, Sept also brings the Olympic Distance @thelondontri the weekend before! 

Sunday - 24 hours before the tri, I took the organisers' advice and headed down to pick up my registration numbers and have a quick look around the whole course as they set up the night before. A smiley volunteer handed me
my pack in which contained:

- security wrist band for getting in/out of the transition area
- 2 stickers with my race number to stick on my helmet and bike
- a velcro timing chip for my left ankle
- a race number (to be worn on the back for the bike and the front for the run)

the tri itself is pool based rather than an open water event. Hampton
pool is thankfully a heated 36m outdoor pool so no wetsuits were required either.  there was a hive of activity as all the volunteers got to work putting out the lanes in the pool, setting up the matted walkways, the all important chip timing areas, the transition areas and so many other bits that would prove to be a really smooth and friendly event the next morning.  

having familiarised myself with the transition area, in which I'd jump onto my bike from the swim and then later on from my bike into my running shoes, I made my merry way home to make sure I had all my kit sorted for the big day.

2 niggling factors remained as race day eve drew to a close: would my achy legs ease up enough over night for me to run properly the next day? and would i actually be able to get any sleep as the butterflies were in full flow even before we mentioned the words 'getting an early night'. after laying out all my kit on the floor and running through the tri in my head, i was happy that I had all the gear and some idea of what lay ahead:

1. a 426m swim in the pool; followed  by
2. a 21km bike ride; and
3. a 5km run

RACE DAY - after having to be corpus mentus enough to direct the taxi driver (we shall not be using them again) FMP and I went straight into the transition area. well actually it was for me to enter and drop my kit off whilst she patiently waited outside.  with around 500 competitors of all shapes, sizes and abilities, the transition area was going to be tight so being meticulous with how i laid out all my kit was vital. with the race going in number order, starting from 6:30am at 15s intervals meant I knew I wouldnt be starting til around 8ish at the earliest. so plenty of time to lay the kit out and go poolside to watch the others set off first. so knowing i'd be hitting the bike straight after the swim meant i obviously wanted my transition to the bike to be as smooth and quick as possible. 


with so many bikes racked up, I thought that my bright yellow Run and Become
bag would be the perfect weapon for me to see at a glance. this would have been the case had i placed the bag in front of the bike and not tucked it under the pedals! a lesson to be learned for @thelondontri. 

so my bike kit was laid out so that I'd put my glasses, helmet (BTF rules) and bike shoes on first,  before touching the bike! no socks as this was going to be a relatively short distance. then set back from that were my trainers unlaced and loose with lace lock laces ready to go after the bike.  

after leaving transition with my trisuit, goggles, swimcap and a flimsy tracksuit the hardest bit then was keeping warm until the start. with the sun not peeking out over the Hampton hills for a few hours and not wanting to hit any hot drinks etc for fear of upsetting the stomach i settled with water and pacing around to stay warm.  

poolside, we watched with excitement as the marshalls counted down those starting off in the pool. 6 lanes in which we were to do 2 laps of each b4 moving onto the next. from there, we were to peg it a short 30m or so into transition (T1) to jump on the bike. then after biking around the roads, coming in to a 7 minute 'deadzone' b4 setting off the timer again as we headed into T2 to drop the bike off and pick up trainers for the run. 

8ish approached and after a few nerve fuelled widdles, i found myself queuing up poolside as #384. FMP and I had watched the varying swimming techniques of the previous triathletes and it was so refreshing to have seen it all: long and smooth, short and splashy, breastroke, backstroke, doggy paddle; great to see so many different abilities all on show. as FMP put it, it was a great feeling to be a part of this event and 'feel alive'. 

3-2-1 and i was off. as FMP followed me up and down a few of the lengths, i slowly got into a rhythm and tried to relax and remember what i'd picked up in my lessons with Dan Abel. breathing alternate sides after every 2 strokes, i was very happy to catch a glimpse and maybe a shout of support from FMP as i conservatively splish-splashed my way through in just over 9 mins.  politely tapping the feet of peeps in front so as to let them know i was coming through at the end of the next lap having hardly kicked in the swim, i felt fresh as i jumped out of the pool and whipped off me goggles and swimcap. 

running across from concrete to grass into row B to find my bike, i looked out for my yellow bag and probably added a good 20s onto T1 until i stumbled across it. then probably another 15s or so half putting on a long sleeve top over my tri suit cos i feared getting cold with the windchill on the bike with just my @2xu_uk trisuit. looking up at the sky and havin a word with myself (man up Phanman!!) i ditched the long sleeve and chucked on the rest of the gear b4 pulling the bike off the rack carefully jogging along the matting out onto the road where we had to mount up. 

by this point, the exhiliration and adrenaline really was starting to pump as i clipped in, took a long swig of my drink and settled into a nice pace in the first km or so to get the legs warmed up  for the ride ahead. zipping down to the first turning point, i slowed down on approach to the roundabout, checked for oncoming traffic from the right (not a closed route) and carefully took the bike around to point it down the 10k or so zip away from the pool b4 turning back on oursleves. whipping along was a great feeling and the competitiveness in me definitely came out as i approached fellow triathletes with lower numbers than i. i reckon i must have past around 20 people or so on the bike section pf varying shapes and sizes. there were all sorts of weapons of choice on show, from hybrids to full blown spangly TT bikes lighter than my little pinky! a fee bumps to note and fortunately only needing to stop once at the lights for traffic, it was a really enjoyable out and back ride on a relatively flat course i think the bike fit i'd had about a month before (the bike whisperer, Ealing) had done wonders for my bike position and comfort when using the aerobars. 21km done, i came in to a gaggle of spectators and marshalls outside the entrance to the pool. unclipping and heading into the deadzone, we then had 7 minutes to cross the gravelly car park and back to the grassy transition area before the clock started ticking again. 

getting the feeling in my legs again after pushing it fairly steadily on the bike, i took a deep breath before crossing the timing mat to reactivate my overall timing. running back in to drop the bike off again, transition was about the same this time as i took helmet and bike shoes off before swapping into my trainers and keeping the glasses on to keep the bugs out on the run. 

pegging it out of the pool complex, we were then shown along a little bit of road before turning into Bushy Park for a mixture of grassy, hardened muddy and concrete paths to churn the 5km out. well marshalled (a very cheery @stuartamorypt just after 3km) and only 1 point where i wasnt sure where to turn (the sign was laying down on the grass rather than standing up tall for everyone to see on the approach) i tried to pick off a few more peeps along the way before shoutin 'when can we do this again?!' as i sprinted over the finish line and into FMP's arms. after all that, i was feeling pretty good as we made the short walk back to the pool complex to pick up my kit from transition. pn the way in, i stumbled across a small queue that was forming under a gazebo so did the British thing and joined it without question, before realising i was queueing to get my unofficial breakdown of times! 
not too shabby considering i'd been aiming fr around the 1:10 mark beforehand as i'd been suffering from a tight right ITB. 

Overall, a superbly organised event an thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. plenty of areas for the spectators to see you on the swim/run section though a little tougher on the bike due to its out and back route. 

now plenty of things to finetune in the coming weeks. particularly transition where you can easily add/lower your overall time by 2-3 minutes. plenty of resting is in order before @thelondontri and no long hard runs 2 days before! 

such a fabulous day out was had, and i bet every other athlete there felt the same whatever their times. as the last in a 4 race series for 2012 i'd be happy to do a few/all 4 @thamesturbo sprint tri's again if the diary permits! maybe for the next one, i'll wear a watch too and race against the clock rather than just on feel too :)

my Post Rome Marathon 2012 stretch - I will not stop until I get that #BostonQualifier #BQ

Staying motivated and making every single training session count towards your next goal!



John Helme, 33, Chartered Surveyor, Bespoke PT

Ran the London Marathon 2012 and wiped 35mins off his marathon PB

"The bespoke training programme developed by Mike was excellent as it entailed techniques that I was use to with my football training but also introduced methods that were enjoyable but challenging!  I find Mike exceptionally motivating & supportive which enabled my fitness & running to improve quickly & with clear, great results!  Undoubtedly my fitness levels are the best they have been in over 10 years as a result of my training with Mike & this has made a positive impact on many aspects of my day to day life.  Highly recommended"

Jacinta, 34, Primay School Teacher, Bespoke PT

We worked together to get Jacinta ready for her wedding

"My first session with Mike was 4 weeks before my wedding and 6 weeks after having my son by caesarean section. Having bought my wedding dress before falling pregnant and naively rescheduling our wedding for 10 weeks after having a baby I was in a mild panic! I had thought I would have been able to do exercise straight away after giving birth but that wasn’t an option after a caesarean. 

Mike was fantastic! He was completely honest about what I would be able to achieve and started me on a strict diet and home exercise programme alongside my twice weekly sessions with him.  I lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks but the inches that I lost were amazing! I lost 4 off my waist, 2.5 off my hips, 1.5 off my upper arms and 3 off my thighs. Alongside all this, my fitness levels had really increased and I loved the sessions. Mike changed activities so the sessions never became boring and constantly motivated me (not an easy task!)One week before my wedding I had my last dress fitting and there was room to spare!  Something I know I would not have been able to achieve without Mike.  I felt amazing!”

Yuko, 52, stockbroker – Bespoke PT

We worked together to help Yuko to improve her running

"I have never had much cause to exercise in my life, except for enjoying long walks in countryside. I also have some spinal problems. When doctors suggested I should think about exercise and possibly taking up running to combat my modestly high blood pressure, I had to sit and think hard if I could stomach the horrible feeling of being out of breath, sweating heavily, and having a red, flushed face. 

To cut a long story short, I think I was so fortunate to take up sessions with Mike. When I started with him, I could just about run 50m (not miles, metres!) to catch a bus, and I was panting. I still pant, but the other day, I managed to keep running for 3km, without stopping, for the first time in my life. Certainly, there have been lots of being out of breath, sweating heavily and having a red, flushed face, but Mike has made it all worth while by making me feel relaxed and having a good laugh (although I am not certain if all of his antics that make me laugh are intentional…). He has also been very considerate in constructing the session programmes in such a way that I would not suffer any pains in my spine. I am just amazed that he has enabled me to come such a long way, including building up muscles which never existed, without me experiencing undue pains and aches. 

Thank you very much, Mike, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy running and exercise. Now that I have found this sense of achievement, I will keep challenging new goals!”

For more testimonials, head on over to the website